Isa Darleans - Live In Colors


Born and raised in Lyon France, Isa D´Arleans has experienced the privilege of living her passion for the Arts in between two continents, Europe and America, where she developed and fine tuned her love and knowledge for Fine Arts, Colors, Design and Fashion. Although mostly known as an artist for her painting style with years of exhibits and travels, she has also worked extensively in other artistic fields that have broadened her sensibility and expertise in visual Art and aesthetics in general. Isa´s work has been highly praised and collected nationwide for the past fifteen years through out galleries and private events.

"There is no limit to what a human spirit can feel. The depth and power of some extraordinary emotions can propel us into places where colors, space and time take on a whole new and significant meaning. My work comes from a world where the mystery, the vitality and the brilliance of life, the love of being and the need to rise above the norm prevail."

Isa D´Arleans