Isa Darleanse Home Decor

"Isa has designed everything from special event spaces to outfits for my catering team. She has designed our restaurant and our formal tasting room for catering clients. People always comment that they feel comfortable, warm and cozy, even in our warehouse! Isa has a remarkable gift with color and design, it makes all the difference in the world in how one experiences a space".

(Lisa Dupar, owner, Lisa Dupar Catering and Pomegranate Restaurant, Seattle, WA)


"Peace, Freedom and Hope" was created with relentless energy and passion in 2001 in an effort to uplift people´s spirit following the devastating experience of September 11.


This 10´x15´ mural was uniquely composed with the intention of creating a visual field of connectedness, encouraging human kind to reflect and embrace one another´s culture in times of world confusion. It is a positive statement about meeting the challenge to rebuild a world of peace and unity.


"Live In Colors" was created by Isa,with the intention of gathering people and resources to uplift and transform the interior of homeless shelters. Paint and colors were specifically selected by the artist to bring life and cheerfulness to the environment.

The project was greatly received and was extensively covered by media.

Isa´s new work "The Angels" series, currently being created,is directly inspired by this enlightening experience.

Isa Darleanse Home Decor Photo © Seattle Times